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HST Studio One Support Group on Facebook

The biggest success so far for Home Studio Trainer. Become a member of the HST Studio One Support Group on Facebook. 227 members now and just a TON of help and information. I run a tight group so follow the rules and report any bad eggs that you see spoiling the flow of information. I carry a huge BAN Hammer and I'm not shy about keeping things in check. Check it out!

Skype Training

Subjects include:   (see the Skype Training page)

Activating Studio One
Installing your Presonus interface
Installing your Presonus StudioLive
Selecting your interface in Studio One
Configuring inputs and outputs (both song and project pages)

Understanding External Devices and External Instruments (the differences)
Setting up external Devices (Setting up Keyboard controllers and control surfaces)
Choosing MIDI cable or USB MIDI interface and why
Setting up external instruments (Sound Modules, effect units etc.)
Setting up and using a Presonus Faderport
Using Control Link (Assigning knobs to functions)

Configuration and equipment placement
Speaker placement
Sound reinforcement placement
Building a vocal booth
Finding the "Sweet Spot"

Resources and Gear

Don't forget,  STUDIO ONE FOR ENGINEERS AND PRODUCERS! By my good friend and fellow Studio One video maker, William Edstrom Jr!

GO HERE TO GET YOUR COPY  Simply the best resource for Studio One yet!!


And if you haven't already, please visit HRW. Not only a member here at HST, but he has a killer website of his own. Far more established and filled with TONs of Home Recording info, please check out One of the best I've seen so far with song writing tips as well as givaways. You gotta check him out!!


And still, here in 2014, Groove 3's Studio One Advanced series is still available on the Groove 3 site, along with Studio One Explained. Presented and narrated by my good friend Bill Edstrom, this series takes the mystery out of all the new features of Studio one 2.



On top of that, also check a brand new FREE Melodyne training series by another good friend of mine. Look for this and other great videos related to Studio One here Melodyne and Audio Timing video series.

Check out my new Youtube Video setup  Better organized and now a categorized playlist with all the videos organized for better searching of what you're looking for.



Your full, professional recording studio with Studio One 2, StudioLive 16.0.2, Faderport and an HP-4 (4 out headphone splitter) or an HP-60, 6 out (independent mix) headphone unit!


Add a Faderport for full automation control, punch pedal and transport.....

An HP4 4 output headphone splitter for small setups....

 .....and for bigger studio setups, an HP60 for full, independent headphone routing.



Also, A big WELCOME to all the new members!!!!!Tell your friends!


I'm up on Twitter!!

Come find me at JohnnyThemuzic and follow the Home Studio Trainer!

Why Studio One?

Here are some of my thoughts on why I use it...


The Goal....

Johnny Geib

....of this site is to help those just getting started or just starting to think about setting up their own Home Recording Studio. It's easier than you might think but there are definitely some "Rules Of The Road" to follow.

 This site is primarily based on videos I have created as well as links to videos others have created. I try to give you as much assistance with as little reading as possible. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video might just be priceless.

 Also, there is a video request area where you can ask for examples of certain techniques, weather it's mixing, mastering or even micing drums and guitar amps. I'll either point you to a video that already exists or whip one up myself.

 Now be aware that most of what you'll find here is one man's opinion (mine) and not the "Holy Grail" of how to do all these things. I don't claim to be a "Know It All" but I feel it may be helpful to many folks out there who have limited funds but a ton of desire to start recording their own music at home.

 My DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or recording software of choice is Presonus Studio One 2 Professional. So all of my examples will be with that software. Many of the videos here can be viewed as Tutorials, demonstrating the features of Studio One 2 and several pieces of Presonus hardware but the overall techniques can be applied to almost any DAW.

I use mostly Presonus software and hardware for my studio business as well as my hobby based projects.     Email me -

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